Grafhaid today

Sustainability is important for us

The food for our AMA-fattening pigs, which cater for our closed nutrient cycle, grows on our arable land. A photovoltaic system produces the main part of our electric power consumption and we produce our own thermal energy with wood chips from our own forest. Our own well gives us and our guests the opportunity to drink fresh and healthy spring water.

In 2018, we decided to rebuild our press house into a holiday home. With a great effort we managed to build 3 holiday apartments and a family room. Moreover, our garden house was newly built and serves now as a little oasis of peace. A big swimming pond was also created in 2020 and is waiting for our guests to dive in.

We perceive ourselves as current managers of the farm, as the next generation is already growing up…

Our animals

Fattening pigs, which we keep according to the guidelines of the AMA Seal of Quality, can be found in our pigsty. They are only fed with farm-grown grain and corn. A tour through the stable can be arranged by us for all guests who are interested.

Our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Aura is often the favourite of guests; however, some people are a bit scared of her height first. She is a very friendly and good-natured dog who loves to be petted or taken for a walk. Aura is Austrian Youth Champion and gave birth to 11 puppies during her first litter – what a successful start into the thoroughbred dog breeding.

We also have cats on our farm and are as registered breeders always happy about offspring.

A special attraction is our mobile chicken coop, where we collect our breakfast eggs daily.

Holidays at the Grafhaidergut in Wartberg an der Krems